Battling Food Insecurity in IU with Community Engagement

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I'm currently looking for UX related internship in summer 2023. Let's work together and build something meaningful.

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My Role

Research: Conducted qualitative (interview) and quantitative (survey) research.

Ideation: Utilize the Affinity Diagram to gather insights. Illustrated User Storyboard.

Design: Led the design of the Hi-Fi wireframes and design system.

Team Members

Xinran Peng, Ruwen Hu, Qiange Tang, Prangan Kashyap, Kelly Lucksanawichien

01  The Challenge

1 in 10 Bloomington residents cannot access the foods they need, and over 45% of Bloomington residents say they need better access to at least one type of food.

Many university students suffer from food insecurity, meanwhile, food waste is happening on campus every day.

00  Project Overview

We connect food-insecured students at Indiana University with students who are willing to share their extra meals, and form a community online and offline.