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Internship at Wix

I was selected as one of 48 participants out of 1,000+ candidates for Wix’s intensive 3-month web design internship program.


My learning experience revolved around UX, responsive design, and web accessibility from Wix experts. My responsibility includes communicating with clients and designing and launching live websites for quip and a local NGO.

Wix Internship

Wix Playground Academy: 3-month internship program at Wix

Research: Competitive Analysis, Interview, Survey, On-site Observation
Ideation: Persona, Journey Map, Ecosystem
Design: Low-Fi & Hi-Fi Design, Testing, Iteration, Prototype

June - August 2020 (3 months)

​My Role



My experience at Wix was productive and inspiring. In 3 months, I learned about UX design, responsive design, and web accessibility from Wix internal experts. I also got to know more about product photo shooting, visual design, and branding from industry experts like Debbie Millman.

I launched 2 live websites and collaborated with developers to customize features for our clients.

Design and Launch a Landing Page

  • Designed and launched a landing page on Wix for quip.

  • Animated a holiday campaign using After Effects.

  • Communicated with clients to understand their needs.

Branding, Designing, and Launching

  • Collaborated with 3 designers and 1 developer

  • Rebranded and developed a design system.

  • Communicated with developers to customize features.

Learning From the Best!

  • Learning UX design and interaction design from Wix experts

  • Learning product photo shoots and visual designs from industry expert guest speakers like Debbie Millman

My Amazing Wix Family!

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