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Tesla Alert

Team Members

Xinran Peng (desktop wireframes and design, rendering, animation in mobile and desktop)

Hansol (mobile design and prototype, 3D&rendering)

Jordan (research and concept)

Car repair has always been a stressful experience, and it's the same for Tesla users. My team and I conducted interviews and research, and investigated deep into this problem to seek solutions that will make this process painless. Our final works includes a mobile app and a desktop website. This project is completed under the supervision of Stephen Winchell, in the framework of the course IXD AND COMM.

Vehicle Repair Made Easy

User Journey Map

  • Which feature of Tesla do customers respond to the best?

  • What kind of questions you got asked the most? Why is that?

  • Why should the customer choose Tesla?

  • Is there a “selling point”/“wow point” that closes a deal with most Tesla customers?

  • What’s the repairing/maintenance experience like?

These are the questions we asked the salesperson:

Finding Pain Points

In order to better understand Tesla’s features and users’ experiences, we went to the Tesla store in NYC and interviewed the salesperson and Tesla owners. This interview is designed to answer these questions we have: What’s important to the users? What’s important to the brand? What problems we should solve? How can we help them with a new service or hardware?

  • Would you recommend your friend or family to buy a Tesla? Why?

  • If you can change Tesla, what would you change or add?

  • What do you expect the most of the Tesla?

  • Is there any point that you wished that regretted owning a Tesla? Why?

  • Have you ever needed to repair your car? If so, how was that experience like?

These are the questions we asked the customer:

Tesla Repair Center Desktop System

After receiving the requests, the repair center can view and manage them. The requests are organized by date added, and daily tasks such as delivery and picking up are organized by time slots. You can also filter the requests by different models and weather the customer requested rental service.​

1. Organizing Information

By clicking the request, you can see the detailed information of the vehicle, including customer's contact, warranty, diagnose results and solutions. If the customer also has rental request, you can also check out the rental vehicle's information.

2. Processing Requests

After reviewing all the information, you can click on "Delivery", and you will be taken to the summary page. Once you confirm the info are correct, click on "Delivery" again, the system will notify the customer.

3. Confirming Requests

Tesla User's Mobile App

The Sentry Mode

We asked 5 Tesla customers to rank the qualities that they value the most, and these are the highest ranked answers:

  • Technology

  • Safety

  • Functionality

  • Performance

  • Design

What do customers value the most?


From our interviews, we've learnt these facts about Tesla and it's customers:

  • Customers usually fall in love with the design of the car and the technology use, which set Tesla apart from the other brands;

  • Customers complained about Tesla not having enough service centers, the waiting time being too long, and not enough communication;

  • Tesla doesn't have sensors on the windows, which made the vehicle easy to break-in;

  • Tesla has a sentry mode, but the car owners only have access to the front camera;

  • Cars not available when it's send out to for repair.

What aspects we should work on?

  • More communication between the service center and customers;

  • Make the repair experience easier using Tesla's technology;

  • Provide customers solutions for not having their cars available;

  • Make the vehicle condition accessible to the car owner.


We created these features within Tesla’s mobile app:

  1. Immediately notify the driver of any damage to their car, regardless of the customer’s location.

  2. The notification would be accompanied by video footage and detailed information of the accident through the sentry mode, a system in every TESLA vehicle that collects info through cameras and sensors.

  3. The owner can schedule appointments with Tesla and have the option to rent a car of choice as a complimentary service from Tesla through the Alert service.

We also designed the desktop system for Tesla Repair Center that has these features:

  1. Organize customers' requests and information;

  2. Review repair information and rental requests;

  3. Confirm the order and notify the customer.

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