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R.E.M. Logo Redesign

This is a logo redesign / design system for the band R.E.M. R.E.M. is an American alternative rock band with hit songs like “What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?” and “Losing My Religion”.  The name of the band comes from the term Rapid Eye Movement.

I chose to use blue as the primary color because of my favorite R.E.M. song “Blue”,  featuring Patti Smith. I’m also using the lyrics of this song as part of the presentation.

Logo Design, Experimental, Vinyl Packaging, Posters

Logo Redesign

Later I took the logo design to a different direction based my sketches. Then I designed a visual system for the band's merchandises, vinyl design and posters.

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Animations & Other

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Process & Experiments

This project started as an experiment with the logo. R.E.M. is known as the initialism for rapid eye movement, the dream stage of sleep. I made the first version of the logo using geometric shapes and made some animation experiments with the logo using After Effects. Later I used copy machines to reproduce the screenshots from the animation, and copied the copies again and again. Finally, I scanned every copy and put them back to After Effects and made a new animation. I also did the same experiment with images.

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